Samsung Galaxy Y SD Card Removed Unexpectedly Fix

My first android phone was Samsung Galaxy Y, this is the first time i had interacted with Android world and was really impressed with the connectivity, ease of use and one touch apps features.  Although the camera quality was very poor and was restricted to 2 Mega Pixel which is nothing today and picture quality is just very normal. The 3G feature did good job and i have used very often. beside features and low price, i have faced many problems with handset like, frequent reboot, mobile hang, problem with memory usage and SD Card removed unexpectedly. Although i buyed this smart phones to test the android platform but fixing such issues was nightmare for me, no help in forums and any other blog. So i have taken a step to resolve some of the errors,bugs that i have found during my mobile journey and how exactly i minimized them all.

So what exactly is this “SD Card Removed Unexpectedly Problem”

This is very common problem found on Samsung phones in android platform, typical symptoms are ” the phone gets hanged for a while when you touch the button”, ” Immediately followed by message SD Card Removed Unexpectedly”. It has been observed from the statistics that the mobile phones which were upgraded to latest firmware did not faced this issue anymore. So ultimate suggestion is to update the firmware of mobile phone to latest version, for this you need not to panic and the steps are pretty simple.

Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update

After clicking on to software update option you will be asked to choose the internet carrier, i mean the medium through which you want your mobile to download firmware files, in my case it was 3G so i left settings unchanged, immediately after this you will be shown with popup box that will inform you about latest firmware update available and installation updates.

Once you click on download, the process begins and the firmware gets downloaded in couple of minutes (in my case 6.04mb), after downloading file, the os will ask you to install the updates, just click on install and move forward, after couple of minutes the mobile phone will go for a reboot, after it restarts you will find the performance much improved and the error is no longer seen.

This is the method through which i got rid out of SD Card removed unexpectedly error, hope this helps you.

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