Does your mobile show insufficient memory error?

I get Insufficient Memory error on my mobile while using camera. Please give me solution.

Mobile phones are very interesting to use but sometimes due to unexpected problems important work gets pending. These problems may arise due to blocked content, unassigned network settings, invalid url, or less memory capacity. Such issues not only degrade the mobile response but also block internet browsing.nospace

Insufficient Memory error

The insufficient memory error in the mobile phones may arise due to less memory space. Mobile phones such as china mobiles come with very less internal memory. The external memory card should be selected as the primary memory storage in such devices. This can slow down your phone’s processing and may result in application failures. There are a number of applications where this type of error occurs.

While using camera or other media

Many people complain that their mobile phone shows insufficient memory error while switching on the camera, or while using the media player. When most of the memory is still vacant and you have got a new device, then how can this error occur? Well just reboot your mobile phone and the problem is over. Sometimes removing a large size image or video does the trick. If further your mobile camera or media player does not work, then it would be the right time to go to support center.

While surfing internet

Most cases where the insufficient memory error occurs is during the browsing. Always delete the temporary files, recent browsing history, cache files and cookies from internet settings of your mobile phone. Download the files from the internet to your memory card

While running games or applications

Many times while running a game or a mobile application such as an antivirus software, the mobile phone shows insufficient memory error. To resolve this error, please check the format you are using to run is compatible with your mobile or not. If not, then replace this content and make its backup. Mobile phones also support games which are only compatible with that particular brand. Install only those software or games which have less memory consumption than your mobile memory.




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